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AI that will enhance your content

Get custom metadata specifically targeted to your customers

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To put it simply: ContextualPlatform is able to analyze all your video, podcast, and written content, providing you with the most comprehensive metadata available. This data can help with customer targeting, SEO, recommendation, session extension, customer value analysis, among others.

What is ContextualPlatform and what does it do?

ContextualPlatform is a simple API that can be very quickly integrated into your stack.

How does ContextualPlatform work?

ContextualPlatform is a simple API that can be very quickly integrated into your stack.

The steps are simple:

Sign up for API access via this link:

  1. Set up your account

  2. Get your API key

After you've signed up

  1. As you create/publish content, you post content you want analyzed to our API

  2. You call the API to get the metadata

How does ContextualPlatform work?

How is ContextualPlatform


We separate ourselves from other providers in two very important ways:


We are built from the ground up for owners and creators of media. Our platform is not designed to analyze images for self-driving cars or support an insurance actuary -- we hyperfocus on data media needs because we have lived and breathed media for years. Because we are “built for media”, we know what is needed to ensure the right data at the right time.

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So, what is in ContextualPlatform’s generated metadata? 

Quite a bit, actually…

  • Rich content attributes, delivered on a time and confidence basis

    • Topics: elections, sports hall of fame inductions, political scandals, etc 

    • Themes: sport type, reality show, science fiction, etc 
    • Entities: geographic/location names, players and

    • coaches, elected officials, etc.

  • Similarity and anti-similarity data (also delivered on a time basis)

  • A complete transcript (for audio and video content)

How much does ContextualPlatform cost?

While price depends on your needs, we have a simple tiering to get you up and running quickly

Get Started



Valid for 12 months

Up to 5 hours of video or audio

Up to 50 pages

Standard Plan


Every Month

Valid for 12 months

Up to 10 hours of video or audio 

Up to 400 pages of text per month

Need more than that?


Something Different?

Get in touch

No problem, just contact us and we


can discuss a plan

Great Choice


Questions? Comments?

Does this integration not work for you and you need something else? Use this contact form and we’ll figure out how to meet your demands. We won’t sell your contact info.

Thanks for submitting!


Who We Are?'s ContextualPlatform is the brainchild of Dan Benjamin and Marlon Osbourne, alums of SiriusXM, where Dan worked on AI and recommendation and Marlon on corporate strategy and development. We learned that having the best content is essential, but having experiences that are both simple and well targeted materially impact engagement.

We never found a platform that could help media companies do this out of the box — so we decided to build it.

This is Dan.
This is Marlon.
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